Monday, 19 October 2009

Missing Dog | Chipping Camden | Reward Offered

A REWARD has been posted for a missing pug at Chipping Campden.

Popular pedigree puppy Saffron went missing at 12.15pm on Wednesday from her home at Calf Lane.

Frantic owner Jane Glennie believes her beloved pet could have been stolen.

She has put up posters and offered a reward for the 13-month dog's safe return.

She said: "Everyone in Campden knows her and adores her.

"They're all out looking for her. She goes for walk through town every day with my Labrador Bess and rescue greyhound Wendy.

"And she's a real sight as she wears a red harness.

"She's a fabulous, lovely little friendly animal - but perhaps a bit too friendly as anyone could have picked her up and put her in a car.

"We started to call her for her afternoon walk and she'd vanished.

"Possibly someone left the door open and she went into the street."

Saffron is a faun Pug, wearing a red harness with a name and address tag.

She is also micro-chipped.

Anyone with information should contact Mrs Glennie, 01386 840201.

See This is Gloucestershire Website for Photos (original story from This is Gloucestershire)

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