Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bigup: Wildberry Incense for Hiding Nasty Pet Whiffs

I'm starting a new Bigup feature on the Jack Paws blog, "bigging up" favourite pet related (even in the loosest of terms) products.

Today, I want to talk about Wildberry Incense sticks. Not your average, over powering incense from down the local hippy stall, but really good quality incense which actually smell like they say on the tin when you burn them!

With 2 house cats and a small windy dog, and a dislike for chemical overload from aerosols and plugins, I've been using oil burners and incense sticks for a few years now. I originally came across Wildberry Incense whilst on holiday in Looe in Cornwall. I dislike the heady smell of many incense sticks, and was wowed by the rather delicous scents of the Wildberry range.

I think there's something like 75 fragrances to choose from, although Mysteriosa and Fairy Dust are particular favourites of mine. While I'd love to travel down to Looe everytime I run out, sadly that's just not practical, so I've found Crafty Jungle sell them at a very reasonable price. And as scratch and sniff monitors just aren't available yet, you can by packs of mini sticks to find the scents you like!

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Chellebab said...

Just trying to imagine the smell of Fairy Dust! Sounds enchanting :)