Thursday, 4 December 2008

Bungee Dog Leads Review

You may have wondered what on earth all the fuss is about bungee dog leads (or indeed actually what they are!)

Well, there's a variety of different companies producing a bungee dog lead, the picture on the left shows one of the Ezydog versions which comes in a variety of colours and specifications. This one is the one that looks most like a traditional bungee rope (i.e. the sort you use to tether your luggage to your roof rack!)

The Ezydog Cujo version as seen here, has an easygrip handle which helps spread the weight of your dog pulling across the spread of your hand as well as giving you a better, more comfortable grip. (we have the 40" black cujo for Jack, and the handle has really proven it's worth this winter as I'm finding icey fingers don't grip so well!) This dispersement of weight, mixed with the bungee action of the actual lead reduces strain on your arm and shoulder. If you have a dog that pulls a lot, it won't stop them from pulling but it will reduce the impact on you and any jolting on your dog's neck, making walks a good deal more pleasant for both of you!

We've been using our Cujo lead for 5 months now and it's just been brilliant. We've also started using it with a cujo extension (actually designed for use with the 25" lead, but we use it with the 40" as we've not got on with extendable leads which seem to get stuck and tangle a lot.)

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