Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jack's Product of the Week: Camo Bed by Dear Dog

We've just started stocking a new range of dog beds by dear dog. We've been trialing the camo bed with Jack and he absolutely loves it. He wastes no time snuggling down into it, and it's currently doubling as a toy box, as he likes to "bury" toys underneath the removable cushion.

As he's still a puppy, we have to report he's had more than his fair share of "little" accidents on the bed! We've washed the whole bed once, and the removable cushion at least 10 times and the fabric is wearing well (considering the difference in no. of washing between the 2 parts of the bed, there's no difference we can see in the material.)

All the beds are available in 2 sizes (as with all Dear Dog products, they are aimed towards the small to medium sized dog market.) They are beautifully made, and ooze quality - they're certainly some of the nicest soft dog beds we've seen on the market.

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